About us

Located in Wrexham in North Wales, DekGlo®, is a brand of Ecodek, part of the Epwin Group of companies. Ecodek has been designing and manufacturing sustainable Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) decking boards and accessories since 2004. A sustainable alternative to timber, ecodek® is recognised as a UK market leader in WPC decking material. It is the only product made in the UK to carry a 25-year warranty and is manufactured under a ‘carbon negative’ production process.

Our products made from 95% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. So Ecodek by its very nature is a champion of sustainability. We also try to promote a culture of sustainability across our suppliers, site managers and employees.

In recent years Ecodek has expanded its range of products to support the growing demand for outdoor space and landscaping products and has developed DekGlo® to complement its range of decking and accessories.

DekGlo® will enhance your outdoor space giving a warm mood glow as a safety marker to extend your evenings with friends and family in a beautiful outdoor space.