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    DekGlo® Discs

DekGlo® Discs >

Dimensions – 50 dia x 8mm
Green: EDG001
Blue : EDG002

DekGlo® Square >

Dimensions – 50 x 50mm x 5mm
Green: EDG003
Blue : EDG004

DekGlo® Strip >

Dimensions – 400 x 20mm x 5mm
Green: EDG005
Blue : EDG006

DekGlo® Discs

DekGlo® Discs will bring your garden area to life in the evening allowing more time to spend outside with your friends and family.

The DekGlo® Disc has been designed and developed to offer a warm subtle glow and as such has been specifically designed to be recessed into your decking boards. The DekGlo® Discs are installed by using a disc borer or adjustable spade bit (available from the shopping kiosk here) to bore out the depth of the disc, so the Disc remains flush with the board removing any unnecessary trip hazards.

Once installed the DekGlo® Discs will provide a long-lasting glow with no electrical cabling or batteries required. Available in green or blue glow colours, the DekGlo® Discs are available in pack quantities of 10. Full installation instructions are available for download.

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Installation guide